Wireless system for controlling transport conditions

TRANS-LOGGER application

Safe and convenient phone application

The TRANS-LOGGER application turns your phone (or tablet) with the ANDROID 4.4 system (or newer) into a temperature and door opening recorder in the car. At the same time, all existing phone functions (calls, SMSes, etc.) remain unchanged.

After starting the TRANS-LOGGER application, the driver starts registrations, which starts the wireless receipt of measurement results from sensors and their recording in the local phone memory along with the current GPS location. The registration start time can be optionally withdrawn up to 48 hours in relation to the moment the registration is started, which allows reading data from the sensors also for the absence of the driver or his telephone. The launched application TRANS-LOGGER displays on the screen the current results of temperature measurements from sensors, enables the presentation of measurement history in the form of graphs and draws maps with the route of the car marked. After reaching the end of the route, the driver disables the registration, saving the collected data from the route in the form of a report in the phone’s memory.

The TRANS-LOGGER application allows you to set preset temperature alarm thresholds (lower and upper). Exceeding the set temperature threshold or opening the door is signaled by an audible and optical signal in the phone.

The TRANS-LOGGER application provides for the export of each report from the history of measurements to CSV and PDF files and enables sending them via e-mail installed on the phone. Each started application of TRANS-LOGGER from each car sends continuously through the GSM cellular network all collected temperature measurement data and GPS location of vehicles to a superior archiving system operating using the SCADA LBX program running Windows systems. This ensures remote monitoring and archiving in the logistics center of the report on each route transporting temperature-sensitive goods.

LBX data server

Secure central data archive

LBX SERVER computer program running on a computer with Windows system: collects measurement data from many TRANS-LOGGER systems by means of Internet transmission (Ethernet, GSM), archives measurement data from all cooperating devices, enables notification of various alarm situations, provides visualization of results in the form charts, tables, reports and displays maps of routes along with recorded measurement results.

Additional computers with the LBX CLIENT program can be connected to the computer with the LBX SERVER program, enabling the service to work simultaneously at many positions in any location.

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